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Grease Monkey

225 Wister Dr,  Laramie,  WY 82070
(307) 745-8700


Here are what some of our customers have said about our service.

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Keira Petersen
6/28/2017 7:33 AM ETZ
" Today was my second time going & I can honestly say I'm not going anywhere else to get my oil changed. The guys remembered me from last time I was there && always give amazing customer service. Love the $10 off for being a student, really helps out! My oil change only took about 15 minutes, then I got a quick car wash! Let's just say my car loved it's spa day ;) "

Centennial, Wyoming
12/12/2016 3:46 PM ETZ
" Three visits to your garage so far, and I am consistently impressed by the swift, attentive service and professional demeanor of everyone there.  Thanks for taking such good care of me and my vehicle - you have my business.  Keep up the good work. "

Laramie, WY
8/3/2016 9:29 AM ETZ
" It was my first time going here since moving to Wyoming they treated me so well! Manager was very friendly while I was waiting for my oil change. I received a discount since I was a new customer and also a car wash! I felt so welcome and can't eat to go back! "

Laramie, WY
7/22/2016 9:51 AM ETZ
" Got my oil changed there today because they offered a new customer discount. Very quick, professional and friendly service. They also have a top of the line automatic car wash! "

travis Something
Laramie WY
1/11/2016 7:26 PM ETZ
" The new staff and mechanics are knowledgeable and listen to your needs.  They are quick and efficient.  If you have aftermarket anything, be sure to discuss it with the manager before they begin maintenance.  (they always under inflate my premium tires that are not on stock rims). "

Jamie Shelton
Laramie, WY
12/30/2015 8:59 AM ETZ
" Excellent customer service. I am always satisfied with the work done on my vehicle. Thank you to the friendly staff for being quick and thorough! "

David P
Laramie WY
12/4/2015 8:59 AM ETZ
" Very professionally run. Knowledgeable staff, very quick, and clean. Great car wash. "

Dan C
3/19/2014 11:47 AM ETZ
" What I really like about Grease Monkey is the speed, and the thoroughness of all the service technicians. Very professional and personable, they make you feel like they know what they are talking about,and understand the mechanics of your vehicle!!!!

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